Holiday Season Jewellery Gifting Guide

Holiday Season Jewellery Gifting Guide

We know that finding gifts for your loved ones can be a difficult and even an overwhelming task for a few. But don’t worry, this time, our comprehensive gifting guide has your back! This guide will definitely help you find the PERFECT gifts for your loved ones.

Let’s start with the most important question:

What kind of gift to get for someone?

The first thing to do when deciding what to get someone is trying to know what their style is. Try and notice what kind of jewellery  they wear the most, is it bracelets or earrings? Are all the pieces dainty and delicate or are they chunky and eye catching? You can also check their social media to understand this!

After you know their taste in jewellery it’s now time to get them their gift!

A personalized piece

Make the gift you give your loved one extra special with our Aura alphabet necklace or Sun Sign necklace. This is the perfect personalized gift with an initials of your loved one and is great for daily wear!

Evil Eye Jewellery

Ward off evil and protect your loved ones with these stylish evil eye pieces in our evil eye collection. Some of our favourites are the Afterglow evil eye and cross necklace and Alya colourful evil eye bracelet.

Jewellery gifts for nature lovers

If the person you’re getting a gift for loves nature then you need to check these products out! These pieces are the perfect representation of nature and its beauty like our Kara necklace,Petra Ring and Aster earrings. Check out all our products to find some more nature themed Jewellery.

Timeless Jewellery pieces

If you’re getting a gift for someone who loves the classics then you should head to our basics collection. Our top picks here are the Aria Two layered necklace , Stephanie ring and Tia gold hoops.

Budget friendly gifts

On a budget? Then these pieces under Rs 1500 are here for you! Get a gift that both your loved one and wallet will love! Some of our favourites are the Lena Earrings, Lillie Ring and Noon Chain anklet.

Practical gifts

Still not sure what to get your loved one? Get them one of our digital gift cards and let them choose for themselves! We will make sure they get the best piece for themselves! You can even include a note and a video message to make it super special!


Last but not the least, if you want to make your gifts extra special contact us at to add on some extra packaging like our wooden boxes or even a handwritten note to your order!

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