Redefine luxury, for the masses.

We believe that true luxury should be accessible and celebrated by everyone. Our brand strives to provide a luxurious experience to all our customers, starting from our online store to the moment your jewellery arrives at your doorstep. With our 6 Month Jewellery Warranty Policy you can also purchase your 925 Sterling Silver pieces with confidence and peace of mind. By bringing together elegance and affordability, we want all our customers to experience the joy and beauty of luxury jewellery. Join us on this journey as we redefine luxury!

At Eve Jewellery, we are driven by our mission to redefine luxury, while prioritising the preservation of our environment. While we acknowledge that we are not yet a fully sustainable brand, we are committed to continuously striving towards that goal. As a first step in our sustainability journey, we have taken measures to ensure that all our packaging is designed with minimal plastic, to minimise our environmental impact. We recognise that there is much work to be done, and we remain dedicated to exploring innovative and sustainable practices all across our supply chain. By integrating sustainability into our brand ethos, we aim to contribute positively to both the jewellery industry and the world we inhabit.

Moreover, to do our bit we aim to donate 5% of our sales every month or on special occasions to an NGO of our choice. You can find out more about our contributions here

Over a year and a half ago, the founders embarked on an incredible journey by establishing their very own jewellery brand. Initially, the business started as a passion project accompanying their educational pursuits. However, there was always something extremely captivating about it! Despite limited resources, they poured their hearts and souls into it, and overcame a lot of challenges they faced due the geographical distance between them. While Khushi pursued her studies at the University of Melbourne and Paridhi at SOAS University in London, they found a way to make it work. They have a lot of ideas for the future of Eve Jewellery, and cannot wait for you to see what more they have to offer!


"When the opportunity to launch a jewellery brand presented itself during the pandemic, we knew it was an opportunity we cannot pass up. Our vision for this brand extended beyond the confines of the pandemic, and we knew we had to do things differently. Right from the start we taught ourselves everything we need to know about running a jewellery business and set up our website. We continue to put a lot of effort into this business, and the fact that it has reached this point is a source of immense pride for us. However, like I said, our vision extends far beyond! We have so many ideas and are incredibly excited for everything that is to come!"

-Khushi Kabra

"We started Eve to address an issue that we were facing ourselves, finding quality and affordable jewellery that caters to a younger audience. We wanted to do so much more than any traditional brand out there and build a brand that really showcases us and our values. As students in different parts of the world we have leveraged the power of technology to the best of our abilities to manage and grow this business. We want to thank you for all the love we have received! and All we ask from you while we try to accomplish all our dreams is your support ♡"

-Paridhi Moondhra

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