Why us?

Pure 925 Sterling Silver

Durability and quality are extremely important to us. We don't want our customers to discard their favourite pieces because the piece has lost its charm a little too early. We have each piece crafted in 92.5% Sterling Silver and plated to ensure that our jewellery retains its colour for the long run. You can check for the purity of your jewellery by reading the blog post here. All our orders are sent out with an Authenticity Certificate, this will further assure you that the jewellery is in fact made of Pure 925 Sterling Silver. All Eve Jewellery pieces are also backed with a 6 Month Warranty in order to keep you happy ♡. Learn more here.

Eco friendly packaging

We, at eve, went through the extra effort to design packaging that was eco friendly yet optimally designed to store jewellery. As a conscious brand that is constantly working towards sustainability, this was the least we could do for our environment. While both our low and high value products come with a cloth pouch, our high value products also come with a Wooden Jewellery box. Moreover, our cloth pouches have been made using waste cloth from a garment manufacturing unit.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping is another added benefit of shopping with us! It is simply a gesture that helps us communicate our appreciation to our customers. Furthermore, it allows for transparent pricing, which is also why our displayed prices are tax inclusive.

Customisations Available

It is rather exciting to see our customer's vision come to life and it is our honour to be that avenue. Co-creation is a means to greater customer satisfaction and it will allow us to understand our customers better and show them just how valuable they are to us. To begin your Customisation Journey, contact us at support@shopeve.in