NECKLACES AND NECKLINES: How you can make them work for you!

NECKLACES AND NECKLINES: How you can make them work for you!

When putting together an outfit, the neckline and your jewellery look the best when they complement one another. And we know it can be so hard to sometimes pair the right jewellery with your outfits and we are here to help!

Round or crew necklines: a classic station necklace can be lovely. The uniformly spaced beads or gemstones follow the curved neckline elegantly.

Some of our current favourite station necklaces are the Olivia Chain Necklace and Serenity Chain Necklace

Asymmetrical or one shoulder tops: With the neckline already providing visual interest, statement earrings amplify that bold look. We love our Harley Earrings, Beyla Earrings, and Suzanne Earrings and they’ll be sure to complete any asymmetrical look with the perfect statement!

V-necklines: A delicate chain with a pretty charm or gemstone pendant necklace pairs perfectly into the "V" to complement the plunging shape.

Our top pick for a pendant necklace is always the Lumiere Evil Eye Necklace and Sun Sign Necklace!

Square necklines: This is where your layering skills can shine! Station necklaces work well here too, especially when paired with a pendant necklace or other station necklaces!

If you are looking for a single necklace to do the job, we recommend out Starburst Chain Necklace! If you want to layer, we love to layer our Sun Sign Necklace, Olivia Chain Necklace, and Naomi Necklace with a square neckline!

We hope this guide helps you pick the perfect jewellery for all your outfits. Don’t take these tips as given, at the end of the day whatever you are most confident in is the best selection! So have fun playing around with different necklaces and necklines to discover your favourite pairings!

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