Sterling Silver: The Best Choice for Water-Resistant Jewellery

Sterling Silver: The Best Choice for Water-Resistant Jewellery


When it comes to finding jewellery you can wear in water, Sterling Silver is by far the top choice for its affordability, strength, water resistance, and hypoallergenic properties.

Here's a look at why Sterling Silver outperforms pure silver and other base metals like stainless steel as your everyday Jewellery choice.

Excellent Water Resistance

Sterling Silver exhibits excellent water resistance. It can withstand temporary exposure to water and moisture with no issues.

You don't need to worry about quickly rinsing or briefly wearing Sterling Silver jewellery when washing your hands or doing housework. Showering and swimming with Sterling Silver on is also fine for short periods.

However, prolonged submersion in hot tubs, pools, or ocean water can still cause tarnishing. It's best to remove Sterling Silver pieces before extensive water exposure. But its water resistance still outpaces many jewellery metals.

In addition, rhodium plating on top of Sterling Silver jewellery provides an additional protective barrier and enhances the jewellery’s resistant to water and moisture damage. You’d be happy to know that all Eve Jewellery pieces are made of Sterling Silver and come with rhodium plating!

Sterling Silver VS Other Base Metals

Some fashion jewellery pieces are made with bits plastic, glass, or cheap alloys that are not water resistant. These jewellery pieces will also lose their lustre and deteriorate quickly and beyond repair when exposed to water.

Moreover, jewellery made with metals such as brass or copper, can also oxidise and tarnish quickly when exposed to water. Stainless steel jewellery also displays water resistant properties but will tarnish with prolonged exposure to water.

While these jewellery pieces can also be cleaned of their tarnish with some effort, there is no guarantee that they will look and shine as good as new. Cleaning Sterling Silver jewellery requires minimal effort! Simply wipe the jewellery with the anti-tarnish cloth we provide with every order, or learn how to clean your jewellery at home here.

The Downsides of Other Base Metals

It’s important to note that jewellery made with other base metals, such as copper, brass or cheap metal alloys like stainless steel, are prone to turning green and causing skin reactions. This is because the nickel contained in these jewellery pieces frequently cause allergic reactions, leaving skin irritated and itchy.

In addition, they lack the shine and beauty of Sterling Silver jewellery.

Sterling Silver's Superior Strength

Sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver blended with 7.5% copper or other metals. This alloy makes sterling silver much more durable and scratch-resistant compared to pure silver.

The high purity of fine silver means it's extremely soft and malleable. Pure silver bends easily and is quick to get dents, dings, and scratches. Sterling silver's alloy composition reinforces it against damage.

This strength makes sterling silver ideal for rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings that take daily wear. It holds up beautifully to bumps and scuffs.

Therefore, even though pure silver is waterproof it cannot be used to make jewellery, utensils etc. because of its soft nature. Sterling silver contains 7.5% of other metals making it susceptible to tarnishing.

In terms of Affordability

Gold and Platinum jewellery are completely water proof and hence resistant to corrosion or tarnishing. Nonetheless, since Sterling Silver is more affordable than these precious metals, it is accessible to a wider range of consumers and ideal for everyday wear.

Sterling Silver: The Ideal Balance

Sterling silver provides the perfect combination of high water resistance, everyday durability, affordability and hypoallergenic properties. Its strength makes it suitable for jewellery you'll wear swimming, to the beach, boating, or doing water sports. It stays beautiful through daily use without weakening or causing reactions.

For jewellery that can withstand water and frequent wear without issues, sterling silver is the top choice over other metals. It’s ideal balance of composition and properties outperforms pure silver and base metals for an accessory you can enjoy anywhere.

Explore our collection of Sterling Silver jewellery perfect for any adventure. And discover why sterling is the best silver for water lovers.


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