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Eve Jewellery E-Gift Card

Eve Jewellery E-Gift Card

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  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Free Delivery
  • 6 Month Warranty

If you are unsure on what gift to buy someone and are sure they LOVE jewellery, this is the PERFECT gift to give!

So here's how it works:

All you have to do is select the value of the gift card you want to give, you can choose between Rs. 500, Rs. 1000. Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2000.

Then, just proceed to buy the gift card like you would buy any other product. Upon doing so, you will receive an order confirmation.

Within 24 hours of receiving the order confirmation, we will issue a unique CODE to you, which will need to be used at checkout to redeem the gift card, and you will receive the same via the email address you provide us.

You can then forward that code to your loved one, and they can pick their favourite pieces out for themselves!

Reach out to us with any queries by emailing us at or Whatsapp us by clicking on the Whatsapp Logo at the bottom right of your screen.

Happy Gifting!


All our products are made using pure 925 Sterling Silver. The silver is then plated in the following manner:

Silver Jewellery is plated with Rhodium to prevent the jewellery from getting oxidised.

Gold Jewellery is plated with 14k or 22k gold, as mentioned in the description.

Rose Gold Jewellery is simply plated with Copper.

Care Guide

Here is a quick guide with tips on how to take care of your jewellery.

Things to avoid:

-Avoid direct contact with chemicals found in perfumes, deodorants, hair sprays etc. Chemicals cause the bond in your jewellery to weaken which allows for breakage.

-Do not store your jewellery out in the open or in humid environments such as the bathroom. This is crucial as humid air can cause your jewellery to tarnish faster. It is the best to store your jewellery with the silica gel pack provided by us.

-Avoid wearing your jewellery while swimming or while in the shower.

-Your jewellery can suffer damage if it gets entangled. To avoid this make sure you clasp your jewellery and store it in the pouch and/or box provided by us. 

-Also avoid direct contact with salt water as salt water can be corrosive.

-Silver is a soft metal so it is best not to handle with excessive force and avoid damaging your delicate pieces. 

Cleaning your jewellery:

We advise you to clean your pieces once every fortnight. This is to be done by washing your jewellery gently in warm water using a mild soap solution. It is important to wash it well and remove any residue before drying. Allow your jewellery to dry and then buff with a soft dry cloth.

Additional tips:

-You can store your jewellery with a piece of chalk as chalk absorbs the moisture and hence, prevents tarnishing.

-If you have lost your jewellery pouch or jewellery box, it is recommended to store your jewellery in an airtight bag.


Jewellery Warranty Policy

At Eve Jewellery we offer a 6-month warranty on all products sold for all our products from the date of sale. If you are not a 100% satisfied with your purchase, please take a picture of the product and write to us about the issue at We will then take the necessary steps to make it right for you. 

Please note that discoloration, oxidation, and tarnishing are all inherent and inevitable characteristics of plated jewellery that can occur over time. However, we stand behind our quality and believe that with proper care your pieces should last. You can view our detailed care guide here.

We offer a replace or refund warranty on all our products, i.e. the first action we would take is to try to replace the ordered product with an identical one, if unavailable or replacing a piece will not solve the issue we will issue a gift card worth the same value of the item purchased and/or price paid for given item whichever is lower.

At this time, Eve Jewellery is not able to repair broken or damaged jewellery due to wear and tear. Repairs are only offered if you have received a damaged product and reported under our returns and refunds policy here.

This warranty is applicable on all products purchased on or after 1st January, 2023.

Please note if any modifications are made to the product post purchase this warranty policy will null and void.

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